Untitled Opera about Robert Moses and Jane Jacobs

This is a story about New York City, and about cities, in general. It's a story about two brilliant, visionary urban theorists, each of whom turned their theory into practice, and in so doing changed the landscape of New York and the field of urbanism forever. And it's a story that continues to this day, in New York City and beyond. 

The opera is centered around Robert Moses and Jane Jacobs, two visionary urban theorists struggling over the fate of Washington Square Park and lower Manhattan in the 1960's. The opera frames this conflict, implicitly, as a love triangle in which Moses and Jacobs vie for the affections of the City. This story will be told like never before using music, poetry, dance, animation and direction created through a deeply collaborative process by this singular artistic team.

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Music by Judd Greenstein

Libretto by Tracy K Smith, Winner of the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry

Choreography by Will Rawls

Directed by Joshua Frankel

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