Jim Roscoe 

”In a country that often seems cleaved in two, Jim Roscoe challenged the hyper-partisan divide to become Wyoming’s second independent state legislator, and the first in 40 years.” - Roscoe Defies History To Win As Independent, Jackson Hole News & Guide

Gravy Boat Regatta ran a successful pro bono political campaign for Independent candidate Jim Roscoe. Jim beat the incumbent Tea Party candidate, Marty Halverson, to become Wyoming’s State Representative for District #22.  

We were able to bridge a seemingly impassable divide between District 22’s pro second amendment conservative constituents, and its pro environmental protection liberal constituents by focusing on a critical issue: ‘Keeping public lands in public hands.’ Sportsmen want to maintain public access to public lands, and environmentalists want to prevent public lands being sold off to private extraction interests.  

We’re thankful for Jim’s public service, and the example he sets for us all by gracefully rising above partisan politics.


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Written by Jonathan Campo and Henry Mathieu

Art Direction by Jonathan Campo and Henry Mathieu

Agency Gravy Boat Regatta