Independence Day Resurgence / U.S. Army

Jonathan and Henry worked with MRM//McCann to make this digital experience. It was a co-branded effort between 20th Century Fox to promote their movie Independence Day Resurgence, and the U.S. Army to drive recruitment. The site features four mini-games, each simulating a different role an Earth Space Defense soldier would be asked to perform in the event of an alien invasion. If you think fighting aliens is exciting, watch the movie, and join the army.


Bio Extract

1 BIO.EXTRACT_slower.gif

Aerial Recon


Code Break

3 CODE.BREAK_sm.gif

Spacecraft Overhaul


Case Study

We didn’t produce any of the broadcast TV spots, but every touchpoint in the campaign drove to the site.

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game design, art direction, video, animation



Creative Direction/Art Direction/Design

Jonathan Campo and Henry Mathieu