IBM ThinkLab

The IBM THINKLab, headquartered in the Thomas J. Watson Research Center - a very cool building designed by Eero Saarinen - is part of IBM's vast research arm. IBM scientists work in close collaboration with IBM clients to do things like prototype new technology solutions. Doesn't sound particularly sexy? Think again! IBM has really sharp scientists who have pioneered all kinds of innovative ways to transform entire industry verticals. Still not sexy enough? These scientists invented D-RAM. That's pretty hot. 

The THINKLab needed an incredible website to show off their incredible achievements, and convince managers, C-suite execs, movers, and shakers to hire IBM to analyze data, and innovate new ways for businesses to be more competitive.

The ThinkLab developed a design system that used specific, three dimensional polyhedrons to represent different industry verticals. Jonathan Campo conceived web experience that uses these 3D shapes as design elements to help organize the site's content, and as the actual parallax functionality of the site's navigation. Take a look, and you'll see the site is both disarmingly simple, and intriguingly unorthodox: 

Here is an animated test that we made to sell the design concept:

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Creative Direction/Art Direction/Design Jonathan Campo

Photography/Videography Daniel Cowen

Agency Havas Worldwide