Estée Lauder

While working with Estée Lauder, we were able to touch a couple of their more premium brands: Bobbi Brown and Jo Malone. 

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown's site was outdated, and we helped them reimagine the look, feel and wholesale functionality of Keeping the e-commerce component of the site up and running throughout the refresh was, of course, essential to their business. Getting that right with minimal disruption was a challenge. 

Once we established a new look and feel for the site, those decisions informed a new design system that Bobbi Brown pulled through all of its digital marketing material: paid media, in-store digital display ads, emails, etc. Making sure all of that collateral looked and felt consistent with the site proved to be a daunting task due to the sheer volume of tentpole, seasonal, or weekly promotional material that needed to be reimagined and redesigned.

In the end, refreshing and implementing the new look and feel through the rest of their digital marketing material provided a much needed upgrade to Bobbi Brown's brand.


Jo Malone

Jo Malone wanted to promote their premium line of fragrances with a prominent lean to their Vanilla and Anise scent. We designed an elegant microsite that showcased their luxe line.


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Art Direction/Design

Jonathan Campo