Why Us?

 We're proven.

We're grown-ups and we've been in the ad-game a long time. We provide all of our clients senior-level talent who know how to make ads that work.


We're lean.

We don't have many full-time employees, which means our overhead and our fees are generally lower than our competition. But we do maintain a large network of experienced specialists who we work with on an as-needed, ad-hoc basis.


We're quick.

We can turn around high quality work in a relatively short time frame.


We're a one stop shop.

We provide strategy, creative development, production, media buying, and everything else you'll need to run an ad campaign under one roof. You can take advantage of our full suite of creative services, or pick and chose as you see fit. 


We're fun.

We take our work seriously, but we don't take ourselves seriously. We're committed to making the creative process enjoyable and rewarding for everyone who chooses to work with us.



Officer Corps


Jonathan Campo

Rank: Managing Partner | Co-Creative Director

Bio: Jonathan grew up in New Orleans playing guitar, kicking soccer balls, and drawing pictures. He studied illustration and graphic design at Washington University in St. Louis. Jonathan met and partnered with Henry in the creative department of FCB's New York office in the heady year of 2007. Jonathan has worked as an award-winning art director and illustrator in New York City for well over a decade. He knows all the advertising dances: the Digital Mashed Potato, the Integrated Mambo, the Responsive Design Disco and the Social Media Samba. Jonathan makes a scary good seafood gumbo and writes overwrought Yelp reviews.


Henry Mathieu

Rank: Managing Partner | Co-Creative Director

Bio: Henry is 39 years old, but he reads at a 42 year old level.  He grew up in Jackson Hole, skiing and fly fishing in the Tetons. When he was 15, his family moved to Paris to soak up some Euro-culture. Henry met Josh Frankel at Williams College, and they both studied abroad at the Glasgow School of Art. Henry's worked as an award winning copywriter and creative director up and down the East and the West Coasts: San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Charleston. Henry makes quiche Lorraine and writes charming thank you notes.


Joshua Frankel

Rank: Commercial + Animation Director  

Bio: Josh grew up in Hell's Kitchen, in a building filled with musicians, actors, and dancers. He spent most of his youth listening to hip-hop and dodging anybody who wanted to steal his lunch money. He met Henry Mathieu at Williams College, and they both studied abroad at the Glasgow School of Art. Josh has worked as an award winning film maker, animator, and visual artist. He directed, 'A Marvelous Order,' an opera about Robert Moses and Jane Jacobs, and he curates video art for the Wassaic Project. Josh is a terrific husband and proud father of two. Josh is known for his savory smoked meats and thought provoking arguments on Whysaurus.com.


Marcie Strang

Rank: HR + Finance Director

Bio: Legend has it that Marcie was born on a steamboat in the Mississippi River. Historians all agree she grew up in the iconic port city of New Orleans. Marcie spent the first act of her life devoted to ballet. She attended all manner of highbrow dance academies, including: the School of American Ballet at Lincoln Center, the North Carolina School of the Arts, and the Rock School in Pennsylvania. Eventually she pirouetted her way to Indiana University, and afterward grand jetéd into a professional dance career at the Charleston Ballet Theater. In her second act, Marcie focused her uncanny eye for detail on an entirely different field: engineering. Marcie organized incredibly complicated projects for some of the planet's largest structural and mechanical engineering firms. Which brings us to her third act: Marcie the wife, mother, and Office Director extraordinaire. She spends her downtime teaching her beautiful daughter Penelope new songs, adopting lost puppies, and feasting upon her gourmet husband's culinary creations.


Missy Bruno

Rank: Associate Creative Director | Art Director | Studio Director

Bio: Missy grew up on an island in the serene waters of the Niagara River, four nautical miles south of the magnificent Niagara Falls. She fell in love with art at a young age whilst sitting for a portrait. Missy’s long had ambition to become a portrait painter herself, a dream recently dashed by the ubiquitous selfie function on the iPhone camera. Missy translated her love of art into a love/hate of design at Binghamton University. Missy plies her trade at a very high level. Just ask the painting elephant who appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman (she designed that elephant's painter’s smock).  Missy enjoys comedy, and long walks on the beach with comedians. Perhaps her biggest claim to future fame is her eggplant parmesan, which would no doubt win if she were to enter an eggplant parmesan competition.


Fabrizio Sanabria

Rank: Senior Art Director

Bio: Fabrizio grew in Bogotá, Colombia. From a very young age, Fab's trademark curly locks have been making hearts pitter-patter. In fact, Fabrizio's striking resemblance to Fabriani, the handsomest magician in South America, earned him the alluring nickname, 'El Mago.' At Universidad Javeriana, Fab hosted his own radio show called, 'Jazz Latino,' on which he played Latin jazz. In 1999, Fabrizio moved to the United States of America, where he started an illustrious advertising career. El Mago has made quite a name for himself casting multicultural spells in the US Hispanic and Latin American markets. Fabrizio met the lovely and talented, Cecelia, while working at Direct TV. They married in 2016. And in 2017, Fabrizio became a US citizen. El Mago is a decent tennis player, and he's famous for cooking 'Porchetta,' which means, 'pork rolled in pork with a side of pork.'


Nicholas Suttle

Rank: Director of Photography + Videography

Bio: Nick claims he was born on a pirate ship. We know for sure he grew up in the West Village in the Westbeth Community for the Arts. He successfully attended Williams College, and also graduated. Now he's a fancy fashion photographer, videographer, and jack of all (photographic) trades: beauty and fashion stills, Photoshop retouching, video editing, ripping selfies, etc. Nick has the best Instagram filters. Hands down.


Lee Elliott

Rank: Media Director

Bio: Lee was born in the landlocked city of Atlanta. As a younger man, his poor sense of direction steered him to Lynchburg College for four years of dubious Appalachian book learnin’. In dicier times, Lee made runs at being a PR flak, a political consultant, a copywriter, a night manager of a coffee shop, and a professional dog sitter. How does a man perform such backflips and land on his feet as a numbers guy overseeing the digital media operations of some of the world’s biggest brands? By losing bets and winning friends. Multiple archivists are currently aggregating Lee’s notorious ‘Leemails’ into a volume that will be posthumously released as, ‘Travesty Memoranda.’


Sam Li

Rank: Senior Graphic Designer

Bio: Sam is from New York and leads a life of mystery. All we know about Sam is that he’s a Photoshop phenom, he’s a cat lover, he wears a lot of black, and he has a lot of badass tattoos. Beyond that, we know as much about Sam as the rest of his loyal fans. Sam’s world famous for his aggressive street fashion. Literally, he is Insta-famous. And rumor has it that he’s amassed a considerable fortune trading stock options on his phone.


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